Cadillac Jones is currently working on its fifth studio album. In December of 2013, the band went up to a cabin in the North Carolina mountains to work out some new music. Over the next three days they fished, smoked brisket, and wrote the foundation for an entire record. 


Over the next few months, the band fine tuned the songs and, in Summer 2014, headed into the studio. The album was recorded at Studio Laroche and Doppler Studios with Alex Lowe and Ben Price. The recording was a family reunion of sorts, as Alex and Ben both worked on the band's 2006 album, The Big Takedown. In fact, this is the third record that Alex has produced and engineered for Cadillac Jones.


The new album showcases the band in a very different sonic space. The songs have a heavy focus on atmospheric guitars, keyboards and synthesizers, punctuated by horn lines that alternate from atonal to downright Herb Albert-ian. 


The 10 song record will be ready this Fall, and the band can't wait to share it with folks. Available on the interweb and vinyl. 



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